Boating Safety Tips That Will Make Your Next Trip a Success

New Boat SalesThe next time that you go out boating with your friends could be uneventful or something could occur that really puts your safety skills to the test. That is the thing about boating, you could have hundreds of trips out on the water without incident, then you let your guard down and in seconds things go from bad to life threatening.

The following boating safety tips provided to us from a leading power boats for sale boat listing site,  will ensure each time you leave the shore you and your guests are in good hands.

Always make it a point to tell at least one person not heading on the boat with you about your plans. If you plan on going up the coast to a nice restaurant and things go wrong out at sea, that person will be able to tell the Coast Guard exactly what route you took and for how long.

Bring a charged phone with you and keep it in a waterproof pouch for emergencies. There should already be a radio on board to call for help, but having the phone or a satellite phone could help you reach out when trouble occurs miles out at sea.

If you haven’t already, take the time to invest in a boat safety class. These courses are designed to give you real-life scenarios that occur on the water and how to react so that you can keep a cool head and get everyone back home safely. Changes in dangerous weather conditions happen faster than you could imagine, and knowing how to react could be essential.

Make sure the boat is fueled before you leave, and keep track of where the fueling stations along your route will be. In the event the nearest station is closed our dry, you have to be able to get to a gas station in a timely manner before getting stranded.

Never leave the docks unless every man, woman, and child is wearing a life jacket. This goes for you too, never think because you can swim that these jackets are just an inconvenience. One rogue wave topples the boat and you hit your head, and you have no way to stay afloat.

Leave the drinking of alcohol until you are back to shore safely. never drive a boat intoxicated, you risk more than your own life.

So now you know some boating tips that could really make the difference when there are only minutes to make decisions. Commit these to memory or keep them with you so you have a chance to go over them before you prepare the boat for departure.