Simple Steps to Improve the Traffic to Your Website

If you had a blueprint to drive traffic to your website, you would do just about anything to get your hands on it. Rather than focusing on techniques that deliver short-term results, today we discuss how to increase the SEO of your Charleston website so you can drive consistent targeted traffic in the long-term.

Here are some of the simple steps you should employ on your website today to turn around your traffic results.

Do some research as to relevant long tail keywords that pertain to your niche. These terms need to be with little competition but decent global searches. These terms needed to be implemented on the website with surrounding content that supports these terms.

Make sure that the information in the meta titles, meta descriptions, and the meta keywords, all matches the content on each page of your website. Don’t stuff keywords or you run the risk of having your website placed much further back in the search results.

Be sure that the titles for each page on the website has at least one long tail keyword. These titles are what appear in the search results and make it easier for a potential visitor to decide if your content is what they are looking for or not. Don’t stuff random keywords in the title, think this through.

Remove the clutter from the homepage of your website. That is where over 80% of web traffic will land, so stop trying to stuff all your content there in the hopes of pleasing everyone. A fully functional navigation bar will get traffic to the pages they desire, remove as much clutter as possible to stream line the experience.

Make it a habit to add relevant content daily to your website. If adding articles, be sure that you write content around those long tail keywords you discovered. This will help to get you to the top of those search pages so more organic traffic can find you.

Resist the urge to use any black-hat SEO techniques because they are long on promises and short on results. These organic search techniques may work for a few weeks, but eventually your website will be flagged and all that work will have been for nothing as you sink like a stone in the standings.

These simple SEO and organic search steps are not going to require you getting a website designer to help, these are simple enough that you can incorporate them yourself and see sustainable progress in how traffic flows to your website.